Let’s Do Time Travel in Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta

Let’s Do Time Travel in Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta

In every city in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java, there must be a museum. Similarly in the city of Yogyakarta, there are many museums with different categories. Among all the museums, one of the most famous museum in Yogyakarta is Ullen Sentalu Museum.

The museum is located on Boyong Street, has a collection of cultural heritage of ancient Java, especially in Mataram Kingdom. By coming to this museum, you will get more aware of how the culture existed in Mataram Kingdom.

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The museum is divided into several rooms, among them is a room that holds a collection of gamelan, paintings figures of the Mataram Dynasty, and other rooms that display the collection of batik, poetry, and others. There is also the corridor Sekana Sekar Buawana which is an outdoor museum.

Ullen Sentalu Museum is one of the best museums in Indonesia. This is because the service in this museum is very good. For the waiter, every traveler will be accompanied by an experienced guide, the guide will tell you all the details about this museum.

The museum is also fairly good because the environment is so cool and the atmosphere is quiet. The location of this museum blends with nature and surrounded by trees. It can be sure you can enjoy the atmosphere when you walk around the museum.

After explore of the museum, you can taste the delicious dishes at the Beukenhof Restaurant, which is located in the museum area. You can rest for a while to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes at this restaurant.

Just like a museum in general, you must buy tickets first to enter. The ticket price at Ullen Sentalu Museum is quite expensive compared to other. However, the ticket price is varies according to age. For children 5-16 yo, the ticket is $2.5. And for adults, the ticket us $4.

While you who come in groups, you must make reservations in advance, in order to get priority during the tour around the museum. Usually, the ticket price for the group will be given a special price. Who knows you get a discount.

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