Let's Get Upside Down in Reverse Room at D’Walik Yogyakarta

Let’s Get Upside Down in Reverse Room at D’Walik Yogyakarta

Walking around and looking at the various spots in D’Walik just like entering upside-down world. The place is located in XT Square has 27 photo set that upside down 180 and 90 degrees. So, when you trying to take pictures in one room, it feels like a new experience.

One of the favorite is the workshop room. In this room there is a motorcycle, tires, and other workshop equipment like a regular with motorcycle. There is also a room with angkringan atmosphere, complete with cart and mat.

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The place that began to open a year ago has a bedroom, painting room, laundry room, and there is also a space that must have been familiar with boarding student, the burjo stall. There are still other attraction, including anti-gravity room.

To get maximum image, there are guide who are ready to help you to get the best picture with the right angle and style. Interestingly, all the photo spots in D’Walik are made with detail, so it makes your photo more unique.

The entrance ticket of D’Walik on Mondays to Fridays, 10 am to 3 pm, is $2.5. At 3 pm to 10 pm, you must pay the entrance ticket at $3.2. While on Saturday and Sunday, the entrance price at 10 am to 10 pm is $4.

Besides D’Walik, XT Square also has De Mata with a three-dimensional photo museum, and De Arca museum with Indonesian and international figures. All the three are ready to be a background of photos that certainly different from others.

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