Let’s Remember the Feel of Javanese Ancient Atmosphere in Yogyakarta

Let’s Remember the Feel of Javanese Ancient Atmosphere in Yogyakarta

In the area of ​​Panggungharjo, there is a village that was made like the era of the ancient Mataram Kingdom in the past. Kampung Mataram is the only place. This village opens an educational tour that elevates the Kingdom of Mataram.

Like a museum, but a living museum. The concept is to bring back the old village in the 19th century of Mataram where there is no electricity. The village will be made first in terms of clothing, shelter, and food. If you want to visit with your group, you will get free educational tour.

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You can learn traditional games that have been abandoned such as games egrang and ancak-ancak alis. You can enjoy the traditional games that provided, or just enjoy the lunch. Soft launching has been done on June 29, 2017 ago. The grand opening is planned to be done in October.

There are at least four buildings in the form of pendopo, kitchen, and a kind of stage-style past. The cost, for group and individual valued $0.8-1.2 for the game. For food in the form of rice and vegetables priced at $0.7, and will be served in the kitchen. The menu is an ancient vegetable like lodeh.

As in the past, the cuisine here is cooked using firewood. The process of making fires from firewood or gegenen can also be seen. This spot just not to take pictures, but also contains education about local wisdom of the past. The location is in South Ringroad, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul.

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