Let’s Try the Most Hits Photo Spot at Tembelan Gorge Yogyakarta

Let’s Try the Most Hits Photo Spot at Tembelan Gorge Yogyakarta

Tembelan Gorge, or Jurang Tembelan, is not far from the Botanical Garden of Mangunan. After passing the parking lot, you will enter the tourist area of ​​Jurang Tembelan, which is marked by a small gate. Gorge Tembelan equipped with several spots to enjoy the scenic beauty.

The three spots are a kind of viewing post made of bamboo, a butterfly-shaped spot, and another photo spot in the form of heart-shaped ornaments. Interestingly, there are also boat shaped. Two viewing stations that jutted into the ravine is the most desirable spot for visitors to take pictures.

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In order to get all captured, there is a message on the board that reminds to provide opportunities for other visitors who want to take a picture too. The message was written funny. Try to read yourself when you go there, surely you will smile.

There is also provided a gazebo to just sit around, enjoy the atmosphere or while waiting for your turn. You should be patient and queuing because there will be many enthusiast visitors to take pictures in the spots provided. Beside the spot that provided, the view from Tembelan Gorge is really good.

From there, you will see a stretch of green hills and also the flow of Oyo River. Especially if you come in the morning when the sun rises. Surely the scenery will be more beautiful with the fog covering the valley. If you hungry, don’t worry because you can find many stalls here.

If you want to play here, do not forget to prepare your battery. It’s a pity when you comes here but not captured anything because your battery runs out. This place is quite easy to reach anyway.

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