List of 7 Shopping Center in Yogyakarta for Cheap Price

List of 7 Shopping Center in Yogyakarta for Cheap Price

Spend the holiday in Jogja is a fun experience for anyone who visits. Beside to enjoy a variety of tourist destinations such as, a row of beautiful beaches, historic buildings, waterfalls, as well as other interesting tours, you can also satisfy your shopping hobby by visiting some shopping center in Jogja.

In Jogja, you can find various trinkets of souvenir that, there are lined batik seller, Dagadu shirts, leather crafts, ceramics, culinary, etc. So, these are the unique shopping places in Jogja.

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List of 7 Shopping Center in Yogyakarta for Cheap Price

1.      Beringharjo Market, cheap batik retail center

Beringharjo market is located in Malioboro area. Well, this traditional market became one of the economic centers. You can shop with a relatively cheap price, especially for you who are good at bargaining. Various types of batik you can get in this market according to taste.

2.      Malioboro, shopping center at the city

Never confess go to Jogja if you have not visited this iconic shopping place. Malioboro is known as one of the shopping center in Jogja which is already very popular among tourists. Along Malioboro you can see various things, ranging from ethnic accessories, souvenirs, and interesting shadow puppets.

Various knick-knacks will certainly make you more freely to choose. Don’t forget to bid the price in order to get cheaper price. Beside to a variety of handicrafts and batik, you can also shop in modern shopping centers that located along Malioboro Street.

3.      Silver craft Kotagede

For you silver lovers, Kotagede can be one of the must-see shopping spots. Kotagede is the biggest silver center in Jogja which is very famous among visitor. A variety of beautiful accessories from silver you can get with a competitive price.

Beside to a variety of unique souvenir from silver, you can see and learn directly how to make this craft silver from workmanship. You can order the type of accessories in accordance with your desired design.

4.      Kasongan, souvenir and accessories center of Jogja city

For you lovers of pottery, it is mandatory to stop by to Kasongan which is a pottery craft center that has been very popular in Jogja. This shopping location can be reached within 20 minutes from downtown Jogja.

There are many items that you can get, ranging from flower pots, decorative lamps, urns, statues, or weddings souvenirs with high quality and high artistic value. This place can be an option for you who want to decorate your home with ethnic elements.

5.      Krebet tourism village, wooden batik center of Jogja city

Wooden batik will certainly provide its own unique work of art. In Krebet Village, the wooden batik becomes a very interesting masterpiece even has penetrated the international market. Some types of goods that you can buy include masks, puppets, to unique accessories.

6.      Manding, leather craft center in Jogja

Manding is a leather craft center located on Parangtritis Street, Km 11, Bantul. In this shopping place, you can get a variety of leather craft products with high quality. From wallets, bags, shoes, belts to jackets, are priced at relatively cheaper compared to other. You are still possible to bargain the price. Interestingly, you can see directly the process of making leather crafts.

7.      Pasty, animal market and ornamental plants of Jogja city

Located in Dongkelan, PASTY became the center of buying and selling of ornamental plants and various animals in Yogyakarta. At this location, you can find various types of animals, ranging from dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, to ornamental fish with various colors.

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