List of Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions You Need to Visit

List of Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions You Need to Visit

In Jogja, you can find a landmark of world cultural heritage, which is Prambanan Temple. Various beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul also become a powerful magnet. Undeniably, various tourist attractions in Jogja is entered into favorite list of visitor.

The popularity is well known among domestic and international tourists. A variety of unique and fascinating cultural treasures you can find here. This special region of Indonesia has a fascinating natural beauty. You can explore the various tourist sites in Sleman, Kulonprogo, Bantul, and Gunung Kidul.

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List of Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions You Need to Visit

1.      Sadeng Beach

At Sadeng Beach, you can see the traces of ancient river. But now, you can see many fishing boats on this beach. Sadeng Beach is also a harbor beach. This tourist attractions in Jogja already has adequate facilities and the availability of a number of culinary places.

2.      Ramayana Prambanan Ballet Show

Held in the Prambanan Temple area, the show presents a spectacle that combines dance and drama without dialogue about Ramayana story. Ramayana Prambanan Ballet Show has consistently been performing since 1961. Each year, this show recorded tourist arrivals. The show is performed on an open stage with the background of Prambanan Temple.

3.      Wediombo Beach

This beach has a characteristic form of rock clusters in every spots. The waves on the beach is quite large. This beach is favored by tourists because of clean white sand and panoramic beaches that unique and memorable. Beside to enjoy the charm of the beach, you can also eat a typical food of Gunung Kidul such as tiwul and fried locust.

4.      Mount Merapi

This is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the cool air that is soothing. In this national park area, there are various tourist attractions and activities. Some of them, like trekking while enjoying views of tropical forests, enjoying the beautiful panoramic of Boyong River, and the remnant of Merapi eruption.

5.      Siung Beach

The giant rocks that exist on this beach is the main characteristic of Siung Beach. The coral cliffs on this beach has 250 climbing routes. This beach is the venue for the Asean Climbing Gathering 2005 which was attended by climber from 6 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, France, and Germany).

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