Malioboro Yogyakarta, a Favorite Destinations for Shopping Addict

Malioboro Yogyakarta, a Favorite Destinations for Shopping Addict

Go to Malioboro Yogyakarta, you will find the hospitality of its people. One of the charms of Jogja City is reflected along Malioboro. In this area, local people and tourists from all over are mixed into one place doing many exciting activities, providing a harmonious and peaceful spectacle.

Yogyakarta saves a million beauty where is able to bring magical power for tourists to come back. The atmosphere of the city that presents makes Malioboro became one of the most popular destinations. The local wisdom in the midst of the frenzy digital era is a unique experience to explore.

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You can explore the beauty of Javanese culture that is still maintained until now. Malioboro stretches 2.5 kilometers, and never empty from visitors. Malioboro Street is also fairly close to Yogyakarta Sultanate. This road is an imaginary point that connects Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta Palace, and Mount Merapi.

Malioboro has now transformed into a tourist area that attracted the attention of every visitor who came to Yogyakarta. This area is also one of the central souvenirs typical of Jogja that you should visit. Along Malioboro, you can easily find various souvenirs.

You can hunt a batik, t-shirts, handicrafts, blangkon, bakpia pathok, and yangko which is a typical snack of Yogyakarta. If you are hunting culinary, in Malioboro you can find various menus offered. Simple menus with delicious flavors are certainly tempting.

Gudeg dish is certainly the main choice, because this menu seems to be a mandatory menu that must be tasted. The culinary is able to present the atmosphere of Jogja which is truly peaceful and friendly. Along Malioboro, you can find a row of pedicab that ready to take you.

With a relatively affordable cost, the pedicab will offer a tour package to various craft locations or souvenir centers. For a more exciting experience, you might be interested to ride a delman. When the night comes, you will be treated to Javanese gamelan in Malioboro Street.

Then you can eat at lesehan and angkringan, which has become the hallmark of the City. On Malioboro there is a fort named Vredeburg Fort. This fort serves as a museum and one of interesting spot in Malioboro. You can find a number of relics from the past time.

There is also a special room for dioramas that visualize the condition of Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta in the colonial period. In Malioboro there is Beringharjo Market which is a traditional market as well as popular shopping destination in Jogja.

In this market, you can find various types of batik in various motifs, accessories, traditional snacks, handicrafts, and many other. In the past, Beringharjo market was a center of economic activity that brought the welfare of the whole of Yogyakarta society.

Around the tourist area Malioboro, there is an area called Ketandan. This is a Chinatown area in Yogyakarta. There is a Chinese Culture Show as part of the celebration of Lunar New Year which is held every year.

The performances generally contain a variety of culinary bazaar activities, Mandarin singing contest, Barongsai, and cultural exhibitions. To reach Malioboro, you can arrive easily because the location is in the middle of Yogyakarta.

From Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station, you will only need 5 minutes to arrive at the location. From Adisucipto Airport, a trip to Malioboro will only take about 10-15 minutes using public transport like Trans Jogja.

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