Mangunan Pine Forest, Trending Topic Attraction from Yogyakarta

Mangunan Pine Forest, Trending Topic Attraction from Yogyakarta

Jogja always stealing the tourist attention with various natural attractions. Not only crowded in the real world, various natural attractions are also booming in various social media. Various photos are not only spread across various social networks, but also decorate some portals.

Of course, one of them is Mangunan Pine Forest. Apart from being a protected forest, this place is also managed to become a tourist destination in Jogja. The forest is overgrown with merkusii pine type is located in Imogiri area, Bantul. Bantul is one of the regencies in Jogja.

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Besides often used to take a picture, there are many spots that become favorite. This exotic forest is inviting a lot of attention, from local to international tourist. So if you want to enjoy the cool nature while on vacation in Jogja, this pine forest can be a tourist location to be reckoned with.

If you have a hobby of taking picture, don’t forget to bring the camera while visiting this exotic place. Also make sure your battery is full. Of course this will minimize your risk of “dead style” due to running out of battery. Besides taking pictures, some tourist enjoy this beautiful pine forest by way of cycling.

The air in this area is still quite clean. It’s different from the urban air which filled with thick smoke. If you plan to enjoy the thrill of cycling, there are some bike that provided the manager. To avoid the risk of falling due to slippery road conditions, the beset to cycling is at the dry season.

Interestingly again, this place is open every day and can you enjoy for free. You only need to pay the parking fee, $0.2 for motorcycles and $0.8 for cars.


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