Morangan Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Morangan Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

This one place can be your reference to visit. Morangan Temple located in Morangan, Sindumartani, Ngemplak, Sleman. This temple is a place of Hindu worship built in the 9th and 10th centuries in the days of ancient Mataram kingdom.

The temple building consists of the main temple and the ancestral temple is made of andesite stone material. When found in 1982, the temple was buried as deep as 6.5 meters below the ground level.

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If you are observant, many reliefs you can enjoy on the legs and the body, also at the top frame and bottom frame of the temple. Perwara temple itself facing eastward. Something that distinguishes Morangan temple from other temples is relief of Kamandaka Tantri, a story about a tiger that deceived by a goat.

So far, this kind of relief was only found in temple for Buddhism. The location near to Kali Gendol is actually very vulnerable to the cold lava flood. The temple adjacent to Kali Gendol is a yoni statue and sculpture of rishis, and a number of other statues inside the temple niches.

The main temple itself is positioned facing west, has 1 booth and designed square. Morangan temple also has a hallway. The temple consists of rattan tile, square frame, and double notch. The main temple consists of legs, body, and roof. In Hinduism, the division of the 3 has a natural meaning, namely bhurloka, bhuvarloka, and svarloka.

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