Museum Geoteknologi UPN: Education-Based Mixed With Exploration

Museum Geoteknologi UPN: Education-Based Mixed With Exploration

Museum of Geotechnology is located in the complex of Campus II UPN Yogyakarta, which aims to preserve valuable things for human life and use it as a medium and a means to love, study, and develop science.

You can witness the history of the Earth, its constituent mineral rocks, fossils, and traces of life millions of years ago. A variety of geological-related props, an offshore oil drilling platform, along with various examples of crude oil and refined oil.

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The museum consists of two showrooms. The first showroom contains a collection of 379 fossils from different countries, and 218 other types of rocks and minerals. The second room contains terrestrial technology engineering, petroleum exploration platform, offshore oil production, and geological-related.

In the field of agriculture are also presented various monolithic soil results of weathering and the base rocks. Inside the Museum of Geotechnology, there are also ancient human statues: Homo Erectus Soloensis, Homoerectus Australopithecus Robustus, and Homo Habilis.

Besides the statue, there are fossil replicas of ancient Homo Sapiens, Homo Soloensis, Homo Wajakensis, Homo Erectus Trinilensis, and many others. At other sight, you can see in the audio-visual room to witness the traces of Darwin’s theory. Traces of ancient life were presented with interest.

In this room is screened films related to earth science and engineering science in the field of mining and petroleum engineering. There are also traces of animal and plant in the past such as ancient elephant fossils, mastodon, and stegodon. The collection became an increasingly compelling collection.

Museum of Mineral Geotechnology, open every Monday-Friday at 8 am to 2 pm. If you want to visit on Saturday, Sunday, or other holiday, you will be served if you confirm first. This museum is located at Babarsari street number 2, Tambakbayan, Yogyakarta. To enter the museum, is free of charge.

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