Mushroom Dish Paradise at Jejamuran Yogyakarta

Mushroom Dish Paradise at Jejamuran Yogyakarta

If you a fan of processed mushrooms, then Resto Jejamuran is a place that you must visit. Carrying mushrooms as the main menu of his restaurant, Jejamuran indeed aims to introduce mushrooms as an alternative dish for the community.

Mushrooms are often regarded as poisonous food, by chef of Resto Jejamuran processed into dishes that taste delicious and have high nutritional value. Mushrooms are not only served in the form of crispy mushrooms or sauteed mushrooms, but in this restaurant mushrooms processed into rendang, satay, pepes, sour sweet mushrooms, soup, tom yam, and other menus.

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If you just look at the shape, you will not think that the food is made from mushrooms. Even many tourists who say that various processed mushrooms in Jejamuran it is not much different from processed meat, yummy! Therefore, Resto Jejamuran suitable to be visited by vegetarians.

Not only the food which is delicious. Jejamuran also provides a variety of drinks that worth to try, such as wedang jejamuran, ice mint tea, honey lime tea, ice turmeric tamarind, rice ice kencur, until es carica. Besides providing mushrooms that processed into a variety menu, the restaurant that is managed by a mushroom expert has been integrated with mushroom cultivation.

So you don’t have to doubt the quality of mushrooms that served. In this place, you can not only enjoy the menu-based mushrooms, but also can see various mushroom plants and learn about mushroom cultivation. In fact, you can also buy mushroom seeds in this place to take home as souvenirs or cultivated.

Jejamuran is located in Niron, Pandowoharjo, Tridadi, Sleman. Jejamuran Resto does not open branches elsewhere, so make sure you visit the right location. This dining place is open daily from 10am to 9 pm.

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