Njanganan Beach Yogyakarta, Famous Beach for Fisherman

Njanganan Beach Yogyakarta, Famous Beach for Fisherman

Many visitor already knew that ​​Gunung Kidul famous for its beautiful beaches. However, who would have thought that one of the beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul has different landscapes, and don’t have sand at all. The beach is Njanganan Beach.

This beach has no sand at all, because it is only equipped with rocks and surrounded by cliffs. Though, that is the beautiful panorama it has, so it can invite the attention of tourists to witness the unusual beach charm.

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Before known as one of the interesting beach attractions, this beach is better known as a fishing spot for the sea anglers. Even to this day, this beach is still a favorite place of fisherman, compared with others. The reason why this beach is being favorite by fisherman because this beach has its own challenge.

Well, not infrequently visitor who come to this beach also try their luck by fishing here. The location of this beach is in the cliff area, and you able to see the beauty without any distraction. The access to this beach, you can start from Yogyakarta to Wonosari.

However, visit this beach is guaranteed you will not disappoint. This is because this beach provides beautiful scenery and look different from the beaches in general. In this place, you can see clearly the spacious ocean from the rocks cliffs.

Besides enjoying the scenery, you can also fishing on this beach. And of course, here you can also take pictures with the fascinating background. Keep in mind, this beach is equipped with rocks and cliffs, so this beach is not suitable as a place to camp.

When you want to visit this beach, don’t forget to bring all the equipment you need during the trip. In the area of Njanganan Beach, there are no public facilities or even stall.

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