Note This, 8 Places to Enjoy New Years in Yogyakarta

Note This, 8 Places to Enjoy New Years in Yogyakarta

There are so many suitable places to visit for holiday in Jogja, is no exception to celebrate the year-end holidays. Here are suitable places for you to celebrate new year in Yogyakarta. Just choose one if you plan to visit Yogyakarta to enjoy the new year in this beautiful city!

Note This, 8 Places to Enjoy New Years in Yogyakarta

1.      Tugu Jogja

Tugu Jogja becomes one of the crowded places when the new year arrives. Moreover, not far from Tugu, there are various kinds of unique culinary ranging from angkringan, chicken noodles, or restaurant.

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2.      Zero Point of Jogja

Zero Point Jogja is one of the best places to enjoy the new year in Jogja. Besides it strategic, here you can also enjoy the charm of Jogja nightlife. The excitement only equal with Malioboro, Keraton Jogja, or Tugu Jogja.

3.      Alun-Alun Selatan

Besides you can relax or just enjoying the night culinary available around the square, you can also spend New Year’s Eve in a unique way. Especially if do the myth of masangin. The ancient games from Yogyakarta that still exist today.

4.      Bukit Bintang

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Jogja from the high altitude, just come to Bukit Bintang Hargodumilah. From here you can enjoy a culinary evening with a charming view. It’s a fine place to see all the landscape of Yogyakarta city without distraction.

5.      Kaliurang

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere the new year in the high land of ​​Jogja, just come to Kaliurang. Besides providing a variety of villas that suitable for the new year, this area also offers a variety of interesting tourist spots ranging from Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik or Cafe Jamu.

6.      Taman Pelangi

Taman Pelangi is one of the Instagram-able places in Jogja. As the name implies, this place provides a variety of decorative lights of various forms, ranging from animal, replicas, to cartoon characters. No doubt this place was much in demand of tourists across ages.

7.      Gunung Kidul beaches

There are hundreds of beaches that are suitable to be enjoyed during the new year. Start from Ngrumput Beach that famous with Kosakora Peak, up to Pok Tunggal beach, or the beautiful port in Gesing Beach.

8.      Mount Nglanggeran

Mount Nglanggeran is one of the interesting hiking spots. In addition, there are other tourist areas such as Embung Nglanggeran, the highest reservoir in Yogyakarta that located in the top of hill. This reservoir serves as a source of springs for orchards in the vicinity.

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