One Day Trip to Beaches in Yogyakarta, 8 Beaches Passed

One Day Trip to Beaches in Yogyakarta, 8 Beaches Passed

If you want to enjoy one day beach trip in Gunung Kidul, just come along to a beautiful beach line in the tourist area of ​​Baron Beach. Because once visiting, you can enjoy various other beaches, ranging from Krakal Beach, Kukup Beach, Sepanjang Beach, to Sundak Beach.

With one visit, you can enjoy different views of different beaches nearby. Then how the trick so you can freely enjoy the beach tour in this row of beaches? The answer is quite easy, start from the most distant beach which is Sundak Beach. Because it is the most distant beach.

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Sundak Beach is less crowded than Baron Beach. Thus you can enjoy the beach atmosphere more freely. When compared with Baron Beach, the panorama offered Sundak Beach somewhat wider. In addition Sundak Beach also provides gazebo for visitors. To rent the hut only priced at $1.5 only.

Sundak Beach also offers photo spot that shaped a heart. Here you can take a photo with a heart-shaped fence decorated with flowers. Stay rent, queue, snap! One of the best activities while here is to relax while enjoying the young coconut.

Once satisfied at Sundak Beach, you can enjoy other beaches like Sepanjang Beach, Krakal Beach, or Kukup Beach. If you want to buy gifts, just visit Baron Beach. The beach is a hunting center for souvenirs at here. You can buy various types of fried fish there, fried shrimp.

This place also provides various types of typical chips, such as seaweed chips. About the price, don’t worry. A half kilogram seaweed chips only priced at $2. In addition, you can also buy beach clothes, various knacks made such as brooches, window decorations, and other. Just adjust it with your holiday budget!

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