Panguk Kediwung Hill, the Most Viral Attraction in Yogyakarta Right Now

Panguk Kediwung Hill, the Most Viral Attraction in Yogyakarta Right Now

If you are in the region of Bantul, you should not miss to feel an exciting and interesting experience by visiting this spot. Indeed, there are many interesting places in Bantul, one of them is Panguk Kediwung Hill, local people called Bukit Panguk Kediwung.

This one natural tourist attraction presents beautiful scenery, consisting of a row of green mountains. If you feel very interested to come to Panguk Kediwung Hill, you must know about some. Since the location is on the hill, this place provides many interesting spots for photo hunting.

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Not only that, you will also be pampered with the natural scenery, and the sky is so fascinating and able to amaze the eyes of everyone who saw it. There are already some viewing post that made jutting into the cliff. So, you can enjoy the scenery as a whole, and you may use as a photo spot.

In order to get a more memorable experience, you are recommended to come in the early morning. In the morning, you will see the beautiful mist that covered the whole area. It’s like you are standing in the ocean of cloud. In the morning, you will also get a beautiful natural background with fog decoration.

Panguk Kediwung Hill is classified as a new tourist attraction, it was only inaugurated in 2016. Therefore, no wonder if not many people who know about this attraction. The location is in Kediwung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul.

Although it is a fairly new tourist attractions, but the facilities are still pretty good such as food stalls and gazebo as a place to rest. Actually, there is no entrance fee for you who want to come to Panguk Kediwung Hill. However, you may pay as you wish (donation) to help the development of this sights.

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