Parang Endog Yogyakarta, a Spot for Paragliding Sport

Parang Endog Yogyakarta, a Spot for Paragliding Sport

If you hear about Parangtritis, of course it will be closely related to one of the beach attraction in Yogyakarta. As you know, some say you never went to Yogyakarta, if you have not visited Parangtritis Beach. About Parangtritis Beach, there is a hill as a start point for paragliding sport.

The paragliding hill is located close to Parangtritis Beach. Although it has a popular name as Bukit Paralayang, or paragliding hill, but the real name of the hill is Parang Endog. However, this hill is one place that serve as the foundation of paragliding players.

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Most visitor not much to know about this tourist spot even has beautiful scenery. Do not ask, the beauty that offered can be seen from this hill. From the start point of paragliding, you can see the spectacular views. All can be seen from here, one of view is Parangtritis Beach that crowded by many visitor.

If you lucky, you can see the activities of paragliding players. So, all you have to do is to capture every moment because it is very rare to be on a hill with a fascinating landscape. Parang Endog is located adjacent to Parangtritis Beach.

To get to this location, from Parangtritis Beach you just stay following the road to the east. The journey will bring you to the fork, and the road that you will pass is landy and rocky. Then, the road will be uphill and there is also a sharp bend, so you must be careful.

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