Parangkusumo Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Parangkusumo Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

The beauty of Parangkusumo Beach is equivalent to Parangtritis Beach because it has many similarities. The specialty that makes this beach crowded by visitor is because of the myth of Ratu Pantai Selatan, Queen of the South Beach, who helped the king of Mataram untill this day.

The legend made Parangkusumo Beach used for the place to held various rituals by the Palace of Yogyakarta, ranging from tirakatan, semedi, Melesti ceremony, and Labuhan Ageng which is now becomes a tourist attraction. The visitors in Parangkusumo Beach more crowded in certain days according to Javanese calendar to perform rituals.

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Visiting Parangkusumo Beach will be very interesting when it coincides with the ongoing ceremony of Labuhan or Melasti ritual. There is a very interesting moment can be witnessed by the visitors, which is the best panorama at sunset. In ​​Parangkusumo, Beach there is a building called Cepuri.

This place is used to pray before the harbor event from the palace of Yogyakarta begins. In the Cepuri, there are 2 pieces of stone that believed to be the seat of Senopati and Queen. Then the stone is called the love stone.

At the front and the left side of Parangkusumo Beach there is a kind of fern or palm plant. The road is wide enough that can connect the Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach. The roadside will be seen very interesting scenery because there is a row of pine trees that neatly arranged.

Parangkusumo beach is located in Bantul, about 30 km from Yogyakarta city. This beach side by side with Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach. There are no clear boundaries when you see from the lips of the beach. Only on the edge of the land there are different buildings.

This beach is administratively located in the same village as Parangtritis Beach, namely Parangtritis Village, Kretek, Bantul. Since this beach is still one area with Parangtritis beach, the entrance ticket into this beach it includes as one which is $0.5.

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