Parangtritis Beach, the Most Famous Beach in Yogyakarta

Parangtritis Beach, the Most Famous Beach in Yogyakarta

Of the many beaches in ​​Yogyakarta, Parangtritis Beach remains the most famous beach, and remains one of the favorite destination for tourists. There are so many reasons that make this beach became the favorite tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. The main reason, of course, the charm of nature.

The natural scenery is quite unique, this famous beach has great waves. The location of this beach is also surrounded by mountains, and nearby, there are also sand dunes or desert. From the existence of all the surrounding scenery, it will certainly make this beach become more beautiful.

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In addition, for the local community, this beach is believed to be the embodiment of the unity of Mount Merapi and Keraton Jogja. So that, the locals always connect to it if there is any natural phenomenon happened between these three places.

Not only famous for the myth that is believed by the local community, this beach is famous for its beautiful scenery. On the beach, you can swim, relax, sunbathing, playing ball, make sand castles, and do other fun activities. This beach is located in Parangtritis Village, Kretek, Bantul.

Parangtritis Beach has been managed so well, making Parangtritis Beach has facilities that are fairly adequate and quite complete, such as parking lots, food stalls, souvenirs, public toilets, homestay, and many more. It can’t be denied that every tourists who come from out of Yogyakarta, are certainly going to visit this Parangtritis Beach.

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