Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta, a Mixed Between Legend, Myth, and Local Wisdom

Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta, a Mixed Between Legend, Myth, and Local Wisdom

Parangtritis Beach is a perfect destination for beach lovers. Its natural charm makes this place never emptied from visitors. The combination of nautical beauty with the charm of sunset and sunrise make Parangtritis Beach as one of the famous tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

Among the traveling enthusiasts, both domestic and international, Parangtritis Beach is included in the top list of Yogyakarta tourist attractions. The beautiful panorama at Prarangtritis Beach feels suitable for you who want to spend vacation time with family, friends, or lover.

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The rhythmic waves sweep across the vast expanse of sand that looks blackish is a natural characteristic of the sea. Coupled with the gentle breeze to create a typical cool beach that makes you feel different. Parangtritis Beach not only keeps the natural beauty, but also called as one symbol of Trimurti.

The existence of Parangtritis Beach completes 2 others Trimurti in Jogja, which are Sultan Palace and Mount Merapi. The concept of this Trimurti can be described as Parangtritis Beach that has the power of water, Mount Merapi which holds the power of fire, and Jogja Sultanate which has a role as an equalizer.

The location of Parangtritis Beach, Mount Merapi, and Jogja Sultanate stand in the same line from the south to the north of Jogja. The magical and supernatural elements of Parangtritis Beach is getting thicker with the local belief that Parangtritis Beach is a gateway of the palace to the South Sea Kingdom.

This kingdom is controlled by Kanjeng Ratu Nyi Roro Kidul, or the queen of south sea. According to the story, Nyi Roro Kidul like the green color. Don’t be surprised if you see many Keraton building applied a green color. This is why the tourists are advised not to wear clothes or attributes dominated by green to avoid the bad things.

The beautiful beach which is about 30 kilometers from Jogjakarta presents many fun activities, such as walking around the beach by riding a horse. You can enjoy the vast expanse of sand interspersed with the waves that occasionally sweep footsteps along the beach.

If you want to a different experience, you can rent a horse cart to explore along the beach while enjoying the cool breeze. There is also an ATV that can be used to rent. Not only about the beauty panorama, many photographers often do photo hunting on Parangtritis.

Generally, this beach is always crowded for visitors at the dusk. Most tourists set up their own cameras to capture the most beautiful moments when sunset at Parangtritis Beach comes. If you feel thirsty or hungry, try to enjoy the roasted corn and coconut ice along the shoreline.

Besides that, playing kites is also another fun activity to spend the time. The stretch of sand that stretches across Parangtritis Beach with the calm beach breeze is perfect for you who like to play kites. Sometimes Parangtritis Beach is held national kite festival followed by local and foreign tourists.

Don’t forgot to buy one or a typical souvenirs from Prangtritis Beach. Various knick-knacks and miniature objects that symbolize the cultural of Yogyakarta. At Parangtritis beach, you can see a thick ritual called Labuhan.

In Labuhan, many food are sunk to the open sea. It is said that this ritual is believed to bring blessings, salvation, and tranquility for the local people and those who witnessed the ritual. Parangtritis Beach is located 30 kilometers from downtown Yogyakarta. This trip will take about 1.5 hours.

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