PASTY, Yogyakarta Animal Market and Ornamental Plant

PASTY, Yogyakarta Animal Market and Ornamental Plant

Talking about the city of Jogja, many thing to be spoken, but the words are run out. Jogja city is indeed unique, not only as a tourist city, Jogja is also famous as a shopping city. Not just a shopping paradise for fashion and souvenir only, but also paradise for animal lovers and ornamental plants.

A place that located on Bantul Street, Dongkelan, many people know this place with PASTY (Animal Market and Ornamental Plants of Yogyakarta). PASTY is the largest and the most complete ornamental and animal market in Jogja. This market mostly visited by animal lovers as well as ornamental plants.

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This market is divided into two zones, separated by Bantul Street. The animal market located at the east of Bantul Street, and the ornamental plant located at the west side of Bantul Street. PASTY is animal market with a modern style in such arrangement that makes the seller and buyers comfort.

And when the sellers display their merchandise, the atmosphere is almost similar in the local zoo. This market filled with various animals, including birds, cats, dogs, poultry, reptiles, and ornamental fish. Besides that, this market also sells various animal feed and various cages.

PASTY can also be an alternative cheap tourist attraction beside to Gembira Loka Zoo. You will be accompanied with animal sound along the alley. You don’t have to buy any, just enjoy the sound that are chirping nicely.

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