Pasty Yogyakarta, the Biggest Animal Market

Pasty Yogyakarta, the Biggest Animal Market

Visiting Yogyakarta is not only to hunt batik and souvenirs in Beringharjo Market, but there is another unique market called PASTY (Animal Market and Ornamental Plants of Yogyakarta). This animal market is located on Bantul Street.

This market has supporting facilities such as food court, toilets, parks, playground arenas, and others. The location can be reached about 15-20 minutes from downtown. Now, PASTY has grown and transformed into a unique and interesting tourist destination in Jogja.

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Many visitor from outside to see or buy various animals here. Currently, the largest collection is birds, starting from $1. In one of these market complexes, there is the arena of birdsong competition, where there are dozens of people performing their bird collection on certain days.

Yogyakarta Animal Market located in Bantul Street is a relocation of animal market in Ngasem, Taman Sari. It used to be known as Pasar Ngasem. Ngasem market is very legendary, and its name has been famous. This relocation positively impacted because of the location more wide.

Yogyakarta Animal Market is divided into 2 locations, the eastern location as a bird market and animal market, such as fish and mammals. While the western location is used for ornamental plants. Yogyakarta animal market is very festive, because once you set foot into the eastern market, you will be greeted with buzzing chirping birds.

Yogyakarta Animal Market can be used as a means of education for children as well as a place of interesting place to visit. The atmosphere is quite comfortable, clean, quiet, and more roomy. For photography lovers, it is not wrong if you stop by at Yogyakarta Animal Market.

In addition, there are various activity like ornamental plant exhibitions that often held in this place. Animal Market of Yogyakarta is open every day, starting at 8 am to 5 pm, and free of entrance ticket.

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