Pengger Pine Forest Yogyakarta, a New Alternative Forest Attraction

Pengger Pine Forest Yogyakarta, a New Alternative Forest Attraction

Currently, in Jogja, there are several tourist attractions that rely on pine forests as the main menu. Call it Mangunan Pine forest, Asri Pine Forest, and there is Pengger Pine Forest. Well, about the pine forests, Pengger Pine Forest is new.

Inaugurated on 2016, Pengger Pine Forest is not as well known as Mangunan Forest. But, with the development that is less than other, so it feels more natural. When you enter Pengger Pinus Forest area, you will climb the stairs made wood and stone. After a while, you’ll be in the middle of a fairly dense pine forest.

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In order for you to enjoy the atmosphere of Pengger Pinus Forest, there a number of seats, swings, and also a spot to view the pine forest landscape from a height. Every spot is made of wood, and became the mainstay of visitors to take pictures in Pengger Pine Forest.

Beside to pine forests, there is an interesting spot called Watu Ngadeg. Watu Ngadeg is a stone on the edge of a cliff. And from the edge of this pine forest, you can also enjoy views of the green hills and the city from a height. You can enjoy sunrise or sunset here.

The facility of Pengger Pine Forest is quite complete. If you thirsty or hungry, there is a food and beverage stall here. The stall made similar to pine forest, which is made of dominant wood, and with lesehan model.

Interestingly, in Pengger Pine Forest you can also camping. If you ever imagined fun camping in a dense pine forest, in the morning you can see a charming sunrise with the cool air really, just come to this place. Let’s try to play at here. Just go to Sendangsari, Terong, Dlingo, Bantul.

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