Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Plaosan Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Plaosan, Bugisan, Prambanan. This temple consists of two main temples, which are Plaosan Lor Temple and Plaosan Kidul Temple. The carving reliefs located in the southern part of the temple illustrate about men and others describe about women.

Plaosan Lor Temple consists of two main temples with a height of 21 meters. The length of the wall surrounding is 50 meters long and 14 meters wide. On this wall there are pictures of Bodhisattva, Kinnara, and some female gods.

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Each temple has 6 rooms divided into 2 levels. In the downstairs room, there was a copper Buddha statue, but now it is gone, surrounded by two Bodhisattva statues. The reliefs on the wall illustrate the giving. Relic and purified objects are on the top floor.

Plaosan Kidul Temple consists of two main buildings. A portion of kalamakara is decorated with antefixe and entrance, which is adorned with plant motifs. Near Plaosan Temple, there are temples and sites that are poorly maintained. Some of these temples and sites are already in ruins.

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