Pok Tunggal Beach Yogyakarta, a Likeable Attraction for Tourist

Pok Tunggal Beach Yogyakarta, a Likeable Attraction for Tourist

Pok Tunggal Beach offers one of the beautiful panoramic sea view of many beaches in Gunung Kidul, such as Indrayanti Beach, Baron Beach, and Jogan Beach. If Jogan Beach is identical with the magic of the waterfall, then Pok Tunggal is an iconic beach with single tree at the beach.

The tree grows shade right on the beach and becomes the icon of Pok Tunggal Beach. The charm of the beauty stretching along the coast of Gunung Kidul seems to be a hidden paradise behind a cluster of limestone hills.

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The journey from downtown Yogyakarta to Pok Tunggal Beach is quite thrilling, especially after passing through Wonosari City. At the last 2 kilometers before the location, the streets are quite difficult, narrow, more bend, even tend to be steep.

Your adrenaline will be encouraged when crossing the sharp corners of the road with a large coral boulder jutted just above the head. But the view that looks still very natural. You are indeed going through a long journey to arrive to Pok Tunggal Beach.

But the sense of fatigue and tired will be paid off completely with the beauty of the landscape as far as the view of the horizon. The vastness of white sand that is occasionally swept by the blue waves crashes calmly brings you into a very peaceful atmosphere.

The distance away, the steep and winding streets instantly will be forgotten. Right on the shore stood firmly a tree which later became a tourist icon from Pok Tunggal Beach. This is the only tree that supposedly inspired the naming of this beach.

According to locals, this tree is very difficult to grow. Therefore, the tree is maintained by the local community. The tree is believed to be a symbol of prosperity of the local. So, you should not try to climb the tree because it forbidden.

The charm of Pok Tunggal Beach is located on high cliffs that line up and look separate from the outside world. The cliff that stands perpendicular is actually developed into a rock climbing arena. Among the cliffs, you can still see many wild primates that live there.

Some of them are a group of wild monkeys occasionally seen jumping between the cliffs. At Pok Tunggal Beach there is also a freshwater spring. This spring may be sourced from underground river streams. These springs then used by local to meet their daily needs.

This is the most sought moment of many travelers, which is sunset at Pok Tunggal Beach. You should not miss the moment to enjoy a sunset on the beach. The coastal area is also suitable as a place for camping. This will be a memorable experience to spend a night while enjoying the sweep of the waves.

There is also a tent rental provided by local for you who want to spend the night in Pok Tunggal Beach. If you intend to go home after enjoying the sunset, then you have to be extra careful because the road really very minimal lighting. Narrow streets, steep, winding, and rocky are the risks that you must bear.

Pok Tunggal Beach is actually still be developed into a popular destination considering the beauty and the panorama. The beach is located between Indrayanti Beach and Siung Beach which is in Tepus. You will need travel about 2 hours from downtown Yogyakarta.

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