Popular Destinations in Yogyakarta

Some of tourist destinations in Indonesia is Yogyakarta. It proven by many tourist attraction which spreads everywhere. Not just only much, the attractions are also in various type. Yogyakarta provides numerous type of popular object destinations. Even though, relics, culture, and natural object are the most popular destinations in Yogyakarta. No wonder if many people quite confused to choose.

To make it simple, I will try to help by divided into certain location. May be it will help you to swipe all the object when you get there, and also to set the itinerary as well. I will categorized the object tourism based on their location. With this plan, you can avoid the tourist trap in Yogyakarta that caused by unprofessional tour guide.

Popular Destinations in Yogyakarta

In every tourism object, mostly it has special characteristic. You may get confused about the locations, even easy to understand. If you using travel agent, it very easy to get there. But if you alone, just open your phone and get your maps. Or, with free time, maybe I can help you with your trip. So, here are the popular destinations in Yogyakarta to visit.

·        Wonosari

Popular Destinations in YogyakartaYogyakarta is divided into five regencies, and Gunung Kidul is one of regency. The biggest district in Gunung Kidul is Wonosari which can be reach three hours from Jogja. Wonosari is popular destinations in Yogyakarta with beach, cave, waterfall, forest, and many more. There are many caves and beaches in Wonosari. And many of them are not open yet and still untouched. Just go to Wonosari and try one by one if you have a time.

·        Sleman

Popular Destinations in YogyakartaIf Gunung Kidul characterized with rocky high land, it very different from Sleman. Another Yogyakarta’s regency is Sleman which divided into two parts, high land and level land. In the high land, you will see natural object and cultural things. While in the level land, many markets both traditional and modern are available. You may find collaboration attractions in Sleman like arts, nature, culture, and so on. Just go to Kaliurang beneath Merapi’s mountain.

·        Parang tritis

Popular Destinations in YogyakartaAnother Yogyakarta’s regency is Bantul. It’s almost the same with Gunung Kidul but not in high land. Bantul reach about the beach, and the famous one is Parang Tritis. Beside the landscape, many outdoor activities are located in Parang Tritis. Sometimes, the beach used to surfing activity, and the cliff for rock climbing activity. Upon the cliff is used to paragliding base. If want to take a camp, just build your tent near the cliff. So complete.

·        Semanu

Popular Destinations in YogyakartaBesides Wonosari, in Gunung Kidul have another tourism spot which is Semanu. Semanu is district in Gunung Kidul just like Wonosari. The landscape characteristic is almost same as Wonosari. Rocky high land is the main characteristic for Semanu. If Wonosari famous about the beaches, Semanu famous because the caves. Even though, the beaches are quite exotic. The famous attraction is cave-tubing in Goa Pindul. This place becomes popular destinations in Yogyakarta nowadays.

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