Range Travel Cost to Yogyakarta, It Cheap Though!

Range Travel Cost to Yogyakarta, It Cheap Though!

If you have never been to Yogyakarta, maybe you think if going to Jogja is very expensive. So you often just dream visiting Jogja. But if you read this article, you do not think twice to go around Yogyakarta. Of course, your pleasure are different from others. So this cost is very dependent of your choice in enjoying the trip. Just start counting the cost of traveling to Jogja here.

Range Travel Cost to Yogyakarta, It Cheap Though!

1.      Transportation to Yogyakarta

Many type of transportation that can reach to Yogyakarta. Among others, by plane, train, travel tour, and buses. Here are the details of the cost. The economic train is about $7-12 (KA Ekspress Progo, Gaya Baru Malam, Pasundan), business train about $18, and bus ranged $12-18.

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2.      Lodging in Yogyakarta

There are various options that you can enjoy while in the city of Yogyakarta. Many lodging start from $$6.5 for each night, from hostel to star hotel. Here are the details of lodging costs in Jogja. The hostel cost $6.5-12 for each night, star hotel $25-180, home stay starts from $30.

3.      Travel costs during in Yogyakarta

For you who want to enjoy the attraction in Yogyakarta with various types, maybe you think how much you should spend. This is the transportation option in Jogja. Trans Jogja cost $0.4, taxi start from $1.3, becak or pedicab star from $1.3 or depending on your negotiation, motorcycle-taxi is more negotiable, andong or dokar or wagon horse approximately $4.

4.      Cost of eating in Yogyakarta

This one is the advantage of Jogja compared to other tourist cities. You can see so many kinds of typical Jogja food with super price cheap duper. The price for a single meal at a tourist spot is rather expensive, around $0.8-1.7 for a portion.

But if you buy at a regular food stall, the average price is around $0.5-0.8. For the price of dining in Malioboro area, it starts from $1.3. But if find the food stalls in the alley, the price is only around $0.7-1.3 for each portion.

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