Renew Your Photo Collection at De Mata and De Arca Yogyakarta

Renew Your Photo Collection at De Mata and De Arca Yogyakarta

In XT Square, there are 3 spots that will make you happy to take pictures. There is D ‘Walik with its reverse room, De Mata trick eye museum, and De Arca Statue Museum. In De Mata, this museum keeps the 3D and 4D images as a background photos.

At De mata museum, which is divided into De Mata 1 and De Mata 2, has hundreds of sets picture that will make your photos look alive. There is also the background of the Great Wall of China, or you want to ride a boat in the middle of a flooded city? Just play our facial expression to maximum picture.

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In De Mata 2, there are dozens of 3D images, the illusion mirror, and there are also 4D images. For 4D image, it’s cool for video, too, because the image will move so it feels real. You can also take some pictures in photobooth with greenscreen technology, complete with costume.

If you not yet satisfied with taking pictures, there are D’Walik and De Arca. In De Arca, as the name implies, this place holds statues of figures both from Indonesia and foreign countries. There’s a superhero too. If you want to take pictures with the statue of the president, just take it.

There are also Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Yaser Arafat, Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jackson, Mr. Bean, Hitler, Jackie Chan, and more. You can try to take pictures with superheroes like Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and many more.

D’Walik, De Mata, and De Arca, can be enjoyed with a canal ticket starting from $9. This museum opens at 10 am to 10 pm.

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