Risan Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Risan Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Risan temple is the only largest and the most complete temple with artifacts of rocks found in Gunung Kidul. It is said that the name of Risan is taken from the abbreviation irisan or borders of the two kingdoms of Surakarta and Yogyakarta.

This temple is also believed to witness the history of Majapahit kingdom. Until now, the history of this temple has not been known for certain. It is estimated that the temple is a Buddhist temple because of the discovery of a stupa.

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The age of this temple is estimated to be older than Prambanan Temple, which has existed since the 3rd century. Some of the components that exist in this temple are ratna, makara, artifacts, and some carved stones. Unfortunately almost all the stones are damaged seriously, so it is difficult to identify the shape.

The location of Risan Temple is on a karst hill with stone buried in the ground. In some reliefs of the temple, there are images of tendrils of plants and various birds. Risan Temple has only one statue named Awalukitiswara which was stolen in July 1984 and found in Singapore.

The statue is now stored in the office of the Archaeological Heritage Conservation Agency. The temple is 13 x 13 meters in size, but the original shape is now out of sight. Currently this temple is just a pile of stones that are not organized anymore.

This temple was originally found in the yard owned by residents. But now the management is taken over by the government. Unfortunately the treatment of this temple is neglected. There is a myth about Risan temple.

It is said that if there are birds that are flying over the ruins of the temple, the bird must have fallen. There is also a story that says that there are families who are having a celebration and use the temple stone as a stove to boil water, and it turns out the water can’t boil.

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