River Tubing in Karst Tubing Surobayan Jogja

River Tubing in Karst Tubing Surobayan Jogja

For people who born and raised in the village, bathing and swimming in the river is common thing to do. But for those who are born in a big city, it could be a lifetime has never felt the pleasure of bathing in the river. If you want to feel the thrill of bathing in the river, try to visit this tourist attractions in Karst Tubing Surobayan.

Even so, every attraction has its own privileges. This karst tubing attraction don’t need to go into the cave, but go down to the open river so it is suitable for you if you have phobia with dark and narrow place.

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Karst Tubing Surobayan is safe for anyone, even for small children. Mileage distance divided into 2, which are 900 meters and 1.2 km. The depth of the river varies, ranging from knee to 2 meters. You no need to worry! To enjoy karst tubing you will be equipped with life jackets and tires as a replacement boat. So, even if you can’t swim, don’t be afraid to drown.

Location of Karst Tubing Surobayan

The basecamp Karst Tubing Surobayan is located in Surobayan, Argomulyo, Sedayu, Bantul. From Yogyakarta please follow the main road to Wates Town. Upon entering Wates Street 9.5 km, slow down your vehicle. About 300 meters from Pertamina, there will be a fork. Access to basecamp is easy. Parking of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles are also available.

As the name implies, karst tubing, this attraction offered an experience to explore the river flanked by karst cliffs on using tires. The activity along the river is cursory indeed similar to Cavetubing Pindul, Cavetubing Kalisuci, and Geotubing Lava Pillows in Berbah.

Entrante ticket of Karst Tubing Surobayan

This special Karst Tubing Surobayan is open daily from 8 am up to 4 pm. To enjoy this attraction, you must pay USD 2.2 for each. If you want to hire the services of a photographer during explore a river, you will be charged an additional fee about USD 4.

During exploring the river, you will be pampered with natural beauty around the river. Various landscapes will be welcomed along the rafting, ranging from karst cliffs, dense trees, as well as plantation areas. At some point, you will be invited to stop for a moment by the guide to perform various games in the river.

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