Romantic Night Attraction at Rainbow Park Yogyakarta

Romantic Night Attraction at Rainbow Park Yogyakarta

The rainbow usually comes only after the rain, although not always appear. However, in this park you will be able to see the rainbow without having to wait for rain first. The rainbow is in this park is not a rainbow in general, but is manifested in the form of colorful lanterns.

The name of the place is Taman Pelangi, or Rainbow Park. The park is located in the yard of Monumen Jogja Kembali is a night tourist attraction with a romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy the moments of togetherness accompanied by the beautiful colors of lamp lanterns.

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In this place, you can find lamp lanterns with various sizes. When you enter into this tourist spot, you will see a large lamp shaped rainbow. Entering the Rainbow Park, you will see various forms of lanterns, such as Disney cartoons, flora, and fauna.

Initially, this place is only open for big events, but along with the development of various lanterns, this park officially opened to the public every day. The access to this park is not difficult, you can use public transport. However, it is advisable to use private vehicles, because public transport is rarely exist at night.

Besides you can enjoy the beautiful colors of lamp lanterns, you also try various rides of the game such as car bombs, speed boats, water balls, mini-rickshaws, trampolines, and rowing boats. If you want a more thrilling ride, you can go to the Ghost Castle. On this ride your adrenaline will be tested.

If you feel tired to get around in this place, you can use the safari train to take you. It could be said that this one recreation place has facilities and play rides that are quite complete. In this place you are not enjoy the romantic atmosphere, but you also can enjoy the variety of food in foodcourt.

Every visitor who comes to the Rainbow Park must never forget to capture the image with a background of lampion with various shapes and colors. So, for you who are still confused looking for a romantic nightlife attractions, then you should come to Rainbow Park.

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