Rumah Budaya Tembi, a Lodging in Yogyakarta with Thick Javanese Culture

Rumah Budaya Tembi, a Lodging in Yogyakarta with Thick Javanese Culture

There are so many ways that can be done to learn Javanese culture. One of them can be done by visiting Tembi Rumah Budaya. As the name implies, here you can get to know various Javanese cultures in various interesting ways.

Tembi Rumah Budaya is a Javanese building that holds various Javanese cultures, ranging from relics of books or ancient manuscripts, a set of gamelan that is placed in Joglo, to the gallery space containing various collections of old objects such as radio, keris, traditional bikes and ancient motorcycles.

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Tembi Rumah Budaya offers a variety of interesting cultural activities, ranging from batik demos, exhibitions, and karawitan. Interestingly again, the various activities held at Tembi Rumah Budaya are generally free. In certain month, for example, this place hold an art exhibition titled Lurung Kamulyan.

Tembi Rumah Budaya also held a batik demo at every Sunday. Free event held from 10 am to 15 pm afternoon is to introduce the culture of batik in the wider community. Besides that, Tembi Rumah Budaya also offers lodging concept with Javanese culture.

Although it offers the concept of Javanese style buildings, but the lodging here is also equipped with a variety of interesting facilities, one is a swimming pool. The location of the lodging directly adjacent to the rice fields, increasingly add to the uniqueness offered by Tembi Rumah Budaya.

Tembi Rumah Budaya also offers a unique stall with the name Dhahar Pulo Segaran. Restaurant limasan-shaped offers a variety of typical Javanese menu such as sego abang, oxtail soup, dawet ice and much more. If you want a more populist menu, you can switch to angkringan.

Here you can still enjoy a variety of delicious menus such as various cat rice, fried food that can be enjoyed along with hot beverages. The rates lodging in Tembi Rumah Budaya around $45 for standard room. The address is on Parangtritis Street km 8.4, Tembi, Timbulharjo, Sewon, Bantul.

Since there is no public transportation that can take you to Tembi Rumah Budaya, you have to bring a private vehicle or rent a moped or or motorcycle taxi.

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