Sadeng Beach Yogyakarta

Sadeng Beach Yogyakarta

Sadeng Beach is a tourist destination that offer amazing beauty, especially about the story of the valley that people believed to be about as the estuary of the ancient Solo River. Watching the present situation and imagining the conditions, just like witnessing the most powerful evolutionary process.

On the way to Sadeng beach, you will be able to see the beauty of Telaga Suling, which is believed to be the former flow of Bengawan Solo Purba. You can see two limestone hills lengthened, in the middle there is a valley which was originally a path of flow and the base of the river Bengawan Solo.

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But now, the ancient Bengawan Solo river flow lane becomes a rice field, and Sadeng beach turned as the most advanced fishing port in Yogyakarta. This activities seen in this port in the presence of large-sized motorboats, lodging, fueling terminals, fish auctions, and others.

Around the harbor, you will enjoy the activities that take place at the harbor like a group of fishermen cleaning the boat, bringing fish from the boat to the fish auction, grinding ice cubes and put fish in a box, or some mothers who are babysitting at the lodge. This is an illustration of the activities that are busy in this port.

Visiting Sadeng Beach is like witnessing the process of evolution, where you can remember the former flow of the ancient Bengawan Solo river which is now a beautiful field of green. Meanwhile, the ancient Bengawan Solo river estuary, now transformed into a bustling area and developed into the largest fishing port in Yogyakarta.

Sadeng Beach is located at Songbanyu Village and Pucung Village, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul. It is about 80 km from Yogyakarta city. Sadeng beach entrance ticket is $0.5 for each person.

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