Sambisari Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Sambisari Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Sambisari temple is located in Sambisari, Purwomartani, Kalasan. This temple was rediscovered accidentally by a farmer when he was digging the ground in 1966. The temple has been buried by lava layer of Mount Merapi as thick as 6.5 meters.

The pattern of the temple is similar to Prambanan Temple, but in a simpler form. This is because Sambisari is a temple of common, while Prambanan is a royal temple. Sambisari Temple complex consists of the main temple and 3 pieces perwara temple in front of it.

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The first yard measuring 50 x 48 meters, surrounded by a white stone fence. The main temple measuring 13.65 x 13.65 meters, consists of the base (foot), body, and roof. The direction faced west and has one chamber. The three temples of perwara currently a part of the foot, without body and roof.

Inside the main temple chamber, there is a yoni-phallus with a yoni facing the north. The temple chamber also has some niches containing statues. The northern hollow contains the Durga statue, the eastern contains the statue of Ganesha, and the southern contains the statue of Agastya. In either side of the entrance there is a niche but the statue was gone.

Outside the temple there is a hall that surrounds the body of the temple which is bounded by a fence around (balustrade). In the hallway was found a kind of peduncles 12 pieces. To access to this temple is very easy because the entrance to the temple has been fixed.

To get to the temple location, you can use any kind of vehicles. You simply pay $0.3 for adult and $0.2 for child to enter Sambisari temple. The cost is very cheap to see the historical value of Sambisari temple. This temple is an ancient building that has historical value.

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