Sari Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Sari Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Sari temple is located 150 meters to the northeast of Kalasan Temple. Initially, this temple was found in damaged condition and restored in 1930. The temple is a rectangular shape, with a size of 17.30 x 10 x 17 meters.

Sari temple facing eastward, with steps into the booth on the east side. On each side of the body of the temple there is a window. In the body of the temple there are three lined rooms, each have the entrance. The temple is estimated to be terraced, the upper floors are probably made of wood.

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This is known from the holes that are used to put the wooden. On the north and south walls of the lower chamber, there are niches decorated with kalamakara. On the outer side of the body of the temple, there are sculptured statues of Boddhisatva and Tara gods.

The statues are 36 pieces (8 on the east side, 8 in the north, 8 in the south, and 12 in the west). In general, this statue is described with a graceful attitude and holding the red and blue lotus. The outside wall of the temple is equipped with bajralepa.

Based on the sculptures and reliefs, it can be seen that the religious background of Candi Sari is Buddha. The existence of space indicates that Sari temple used as a monastery (boarding priest). The year of the founding of the temple can’t be determined.

However, based on the description of the existence of the monastery in the Kalasa inscription can be estimated that this temple was built one era with Kalasan Temple, which was from the 8th century AD.

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