Seeing How to Make a Keris in Banyusumurup Tourism Village Yogyakarta

Seeing How to Make a Keris in Banyusumurup Tourism Village Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is famous for many customs, which are still exist. Therefore, you will often find antiques, such as keris. Not only the keris you can find here, but the craftsmen also you can find. If you want to know how the process of making keris, you can stop for a while in Banyusumurup Tourism Village.

At here, you can see how the process of making keris, or you can also learn to make one. Banyusumurup Tourism Village is one of the tourism villages in Yogyakarta, located in Girirejo, Imogori, Bantul. Yogyakarta has a lot of tourism villages with their own uniqueness and characteristics.

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There is a special village of handicraft makers from leather, special villages that make mask crafts, and other. Among the dozens of tourism villages in Jogja, only Banyusumurup tourism village has a specialize to make a keris with many craftmakers.

To visit Banyusumurup Village, you can use private vehicle or public transportation. Although Banyusumurup Tourism Village is famous for craftsmen keris, but the atmosphere is still like ordinary villages. There are not nameplate that indicate this village is keris center. It contrast with Kasongan Village as a pottery-producing village, and Wukisari Village as leather puppet producer.

This is because the keris craftsman in this village are still in small scale, mostly just home business. Here you can see the process of making keris warangka, generally made of brass plate. Almost the same as the process of knitting keris, making keris wire still using simple equipment, such as hammer, tatah, and other traditional tool.

Visiting rural areas, especially in Banyusumurup Tourism Village, besides get an unspoiled countryside atmosphere, you can learn how the process of making keris. Yogyakarta, especially Bantul regency, not only famous for the beautiful natural tourist attraction, but also about tourism village.

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