Seeing the History of Yogyakarta Trough Museum Puro Pakualaman

Seeing the History of Yogyakarta Trough Museum Puro Pakualaman

The city of culture and history, it seems inherent in the city of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta has a history and culture that very interesting to be revealed in the past. This is evidenced by the existence of several tourist attractions in the city of Jogjakarta, one of them is Museum Puro Pakualaman.

This is one example of historical and cultural attraction in the city of Yogyakarta. Museum Puro Pakualaman is under Bebadan Museum Puro Pakualaman. The museum is located in Puro Pakualaman complex on Sultan Agung Street, Pakualaman, Jogjakarta.

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As a cultural and historical tourist attraction, this place keeps some relics and mementos of antiquity. Pakualaman Puro Museum was built during the reign of Paku Alam V. Puro Pakualaman complex is smaller and simpler compared with the Yogyakarta Palace.

Pakualaman Puro Museum stores several related stuff during the VOC period. The objects are divided into 3 rooms. Entering the first room, you will find area where there are many banyan trees. Next you will enter the Danawara Regol or the main gate.

At the front of the Pakualaman Museum, there are a set of gamelan instrument. Inside Pandapa, you will find nDalem Ageng Proboyeksa which consists of bedroom, heritage chamber, Bangsal Parangkarsa, and Purwaretna Building.

In the first room of Puro Pakualaman Museum, there is a list of Paku Alam family tree, a document of political agreement with England and the Netherlands, as well as photos of Paku Alam. In the second room of Pakualaman Museum, there is Warrior of Plangkir, Abdi Dalem, Pangeran Adipati Praja Pakualaman, Bedoyo Samgita Hasta, and the ancient rebab of Sri Puro Paku Alam VII.

You will see the great train which used to be the official ceremony of keprajan. In this room, there is also a spear used to dance Bondo Yudho. Furthermore, at the third room, there is a horse carriage named Kiai Manik Koemolo Train. Behind the palace, there is a tree Gandaria which used to be King for meditation.

Puro Pakualaman Palace open every day starting at 8 am to 5 pm. But for Puro Pakualaman Museum only open on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9 am to 1.30 pm. To enter this place, you are not charged a ticket. For you who are traveling in Jogja, it is advisable to visit Puro Pakualaman Museum.

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