Sermo Reservoir Yogyakarta, Complete Spot for Fishing, Sunset, and Waterpark

Sermo Reservoir Yogyakarta, Complete Spot for Fishing, Sunset, and Waterpark

The roads to Kulon Progo Regency are not yet complete if you don’t stop by at Sermo. This reservoir area with the potential of this nature tourism promises the sensation of sunset, fishing and hang out using a boat tour. This reservoir has the best quality in Indonesia.

According to the research, the parameters that make the Reservoir Sermo become the best reservoir is because the level of sedimentation is very small. In addition, the existing forest area around the reservoir is still very good, so there is almost no water sediment.

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The positive effect is the quality of water to be good. This research first conducted by Mac. Donald in 1980. Beside to having a good profile, Sermo reservoir also has other uniqueness that you need to try. If you like fishing, this location can be suitable spot to catch a number of freshwater fish.

According to research from UKDW Yogyakarta in 2008, Sermo has a type of fish consisting of 6 species included in 3 families. Not only that, you can also try to feel the fresh air in the morning and afternoon by using a boat tour. You can ride this boat for only $08 for each person for 45 minutes.

In general, Sermo has an area of ​​about 21.3 square kilometers. This reservoir is able to accommodate water as much as 21.9 million cubic meters. The raw water that comes from this reservoir then used to irrigate Kulon Progo Regency.

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