Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must Visit

In every tourist destinations, there must be shopping center. Malioboro is one of shopping paradise in Yogyakarta you must visit. Besides Malioboro, Yogyakarta have many shopping center located in every place. In every shopping place, there is a specialty about the stuff. It seems like the local government was divided into certain location for certain things. So, it depends on you which place to stay in Yogyakarta did you take.

I am not going to talk about modern shopping center in Jogja, I think you have more. If you lack of news about things to do in Yogyakarta, this is might going to be some clues. The price that offered may vary, and it fully depends on your bargaining skills. But you have to be aware about tourist trap, especially about the price. Just make sure you get the right price before buy any souvenirs.

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must Visit

Yogyakarta is paradise from certain things. I mean, you get everything in this little city. No big tower or modern building in here. Yogyakarta is full of simplicity, from the people, building, daily activities, and so on. Beneath the simplicity, Yogyakarta keeps their secret for you to discover. Don’t forget to get the best accommodation to bring you around Jogja globe.

·        Malioboro

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must VisitWant to complete shopping paradise? See Malioboro. From a long time ago, Malioboro was the number one shopping center in Jogja. You can find anything you want in this shopping center. The price is also affordable for any type of tourist. So, shopping center in Yogyakarta must visit is Malioboro. Feel the atmosphere when entering Malioboro, and you will know why. No matter where you want to go in Yogyakarta, visit Malioboro is a must.

·        Pasar Beringharjo

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must VisitYou will be regret I you visit Malioboro but not visit Pasar Beringharjo. Beringharjo is located near the end of Malioboro’s street, before Vredeburg fort precisely. Beringharjo is a traditional market place with modern structure and management. All you need is in there. Go to inside then you will know why most people spent their money. You can find any type of Batik, typical food, culinary stall, traditional tool, and many more.

·        Mirota batik

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must VisitAnother shopping paradise in Yogyakarta, especially in Malioboro’s street, is Mirota Batik. Located in front of Vredeburg fort, Mirota Batik has unique things inside it. When entering the store, the traditional scent will be smell around the building. This store sells anything just like Pasar Beringharjo but in unique idea. I felt like frightened inside the store because the scent, the gift for spirit, and the waitress who wore Javanese costume. Though, that’s great atmosphere.

·        Pasar klitikan

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must VisitMy favorite place to get a second-handed thing is in Pasar Klitikan. It’s only about five minutes from Malioboro and easy to get there. You can get any second-handed stuff from Pasar Klitikan with cheap price. Actually, it depends on your skill to bargain. Many stuff sells here, from personal things, daily things, tools, clothes, and more.

·        Pasar seni gabusan

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must VisitIf you love to buy any handmade product, just go to Pasar Seni Gabusan. I’ll be honest, the location quite far from the city. For your information, Pasar Seni Gabusan only open at night. The location is straight to Parang Tritis beach. So if you have a trip in Parang Tritis and want to go back to the city, just pull over your car and stay for a moment.

·        Kasihan

Shopping Paradise in Yogyakarta You Must VisitAnother shopping center in Yogyakarta must visit is Kasihan. For long time, Kasihan was known as village with craft producer. Various craft was produced with high quality product, which some of them are export to another country. Furniture, ornament, vass, diorama, relics, are the products resulted from craft-men in Kasihan. The location is about 20 minutes from the city.

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