Shopping Places to Visit In Yogyakarta

Spending a time in Yogyakarta will be the best experience for many people. Besides enjoy the various tourist attraction such as natural object to visit in Yogyakarta, you can satisfy your shopping hobby without worry. You can get all the typical souvenir with an affordable price, with many shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta. This city may give you some satisfactions to fulfill your wish.

Yogyakarta known as one of the big city in Indonesia with affordable place in many aspect, including for tourist. At the closing day in the last holiday, tourist mostly want to bring anything as a gift. One of a must do activity for tourist while in Jogja is shopping, of course as cheap as you can. What unique is, mostly shopping places in Yogyakarta are related with culture.

Shopping Places to Visit In Yogyakarta

As a tourist attractions, there are lot of shopping paradise in Yogyakarta you must visit. You don’t need to worry or confuse to get something special. There are many collectible art, accessories, clothes, or even food. Many shopping place in Yogyakarta selling a specific items except Malioboro. Without any longer, this are shopping place in Jogja.

Malioboro is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta1.    Malioboro’s street

It’s been a long time that Malioboro becomes a famous icon in Yogyakarta. Malioboro must be on the first list when you set up your itinerary. Some said that Malioboro just like a heart from Jogja city. Malioboro is unique place with incredible atmosphere. You may see people from around the world here. All you need from Jogja, you can get here, especially souvenirs.

Pasar Beringharjo is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta2.    Beringharjo

If you at the end of Malioboro street, you may find Beringharjo which you can buy batik for just $5 with good approaches. Exactly, Beringharjo is a traditional marketplace with modern structure. When you get in there, you will be faced with batik all over the corners. If you go through the inside of Beringharjo, you may find any local food and traditional toys.

Klitikan is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta3.    Klitikan

Have another thought, such as buy a second-handed thing, just go to Klitikan. I can assure you, all second-handed thing you can get here. In the ground floor, you can see any motor’s part, used-clothes, and antique things. If you need anything old, like old collectible art, just go to Klitikan. You don’t need to buy in here, just see how people from every background bargaining.

Manding is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta4.    Manding

If you still search something that made from leather, Yogyakarta provide it. One location that famous with leather things is Manding. You can find any fashion made from leather such as various bag, shoes, jacket, belt, purse, fashion things, and many others. Manding located on Jalan Parangtritis, Bantul. You can start shopping with $5, or play you bargaining skill.

Kasongan is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta5.    Kasongan

Want to buy some furniture to make your interior more artistic, try to see at Kasongan. All the things in Kasongan was made by hand. You can find any souvenir like porcelain, glass, carved statue, wall decoration, home accent, kitchen set, and other handmade product. Kasongan is located in Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul. It just about a half hour from the city.

Kotagede is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta6.    Kotagede

In Yogyakarta, a traditional dagger like keris, it’s a common thing that easy to get. Keris usually made from metal, iron, and silver. One location that provide such as typical souvenir like keris is Kotagede. Even though, Kotagede provides any type of merchandise that still made from silver. Other way, you can order as you wish.

Pasar Seni Gabusan is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta7.    Pasar seni gabusan

When you runs out of time, just go to Pasara Seni Gabusan. This traditional marketplace provides anything that mentioned before. Pasar Seni Gabusan widely known as the central market of craft. In this location, you can find more than 400 craft. Every craft product grouped in one location such as batik, furniture, leather, wood, bamboo, metal, and other.

Sunmor is Shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta8.    Sunmor

If you planning to spend weekend in Yogyakarta, you better to take a look in Sunmor. The name was taken from Sunday morning, which referred on the time when market held. Sunmor is a shopping place to visit in Yogyakarta at the weekend. You can find anything, anything in Sunmor. From stall, handmade stuff, craft, typical food, it’s very complete.

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