Sightseeing Tour in Sermo Reservoir through the Boat

Sightseeing Tour in Sermo Reservoir through the Boat

Yogyakarta have many interesting places to visit. So interesting, these places can be used as a tourist spot that is worth to visit. If you feel bored to visit the beaches and other sights, then it’s good for you to visit to different sights.

The tourist attraction that is located in Kulon Progo is a reservoir, known as Sermo Reservoir. What makes Sermo Reservoir is very interesting to visit, because this is the biggest reservoir in Yogyakarta. Around this reservoir, there are beautiful scenery because it’s located in the middle of Menoreh hills.

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This reservoir has more than 157 hectares. This reservoir has a beautiful scenery and easy to access. Sermo Reservoir has a view that can be seen from many edge. However, for you who are not satisfied to see the view from afar, this place provided a boat that can you rent to round.

With a fee about $1.5, the boat can bring you to get around for an hour. The price is fairly cheap enough to bring you around in this reservoir. When deciding to visit Sermo Reservoir, there should be some things to note.

Sermo Reservoir is surrounded by a forest, it is advisable to visit in the afternoon to avoid the sun. Moreover, the scenery at the afternoon until the evening is more beautiful because you can see the night sky with star sprinkling.

Sermo Reservoir is located in Hargowilis Village, Kokap, Kulonprogo. The location of this reservoir is about 5-6 km from Wates, making it easy to reach. Before arriving to the destination, you must pay some money, which are $0.2 for motorcycle, $0.3 for car, and $0.5 for bus.

As for the entry ticket, you must pay $0.2 for each person. And not only that, you also still have to pay the parking fee. Compared to the costs, this amount can’t be compared with the beauty and experience you gained during visit here.

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