Some Advantages Traveling in Yogyakarta at Office Day

Vacation is one of those words that can make anyone feel happy, even it just a plan. Vacation is indeed synonymous with a variety of fun things, such as a walk in a dream resort to taste a variety culinary. Related to this, enjoying a weekday vacation is one option that must be tried.

Like the open trip, enjoying the holidays in the office day of course also has several advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages to travel to Jogja on weekdays is the lack of traffic jam like at the weekend. With one condition, don’t travel during rush hours.

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Rush hours in Jogja average from 7 am to 9 am, and 4 pm to 7 pm. Of course, this jam does not apply in tourist sites, only the street. Most of tourist attractions applied two types of ticket, weekday and weekend. The price of admission offered on weekdays is generally cheaper than when the weekend.

The price difference is not much, but everything around the attraction also increases, and it will be an impact. For example, the parking fee also raise, the equipment rental rates and food price also rise. It certainly can impact on your travel cost. More budget if bring someone or family. Can you imagine the consequences for your wallet?

Another plus side is on the duration of vacation. If not jammed, of course you can cut travel time from one tourist location to other. The impact, you can enjoy an attraction much longer. You can spend more time to the popular spots to relax or take a picture. Well, fun is not it?

Getting a ticket on weekdays will generally be easier. For example, you plan to go to Jogja on Sunday night. Generally the tickets are quickly sold. However, behind the various advantages, getting the holiday in Jogja during the office day would require its own preparations. Starting from accommodation and a definite itinerary schedule.

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