Some Unique Things You Can Find in Yogyakarta

Some Unique Things You Can Find in Yogyakarta

Jogja is a cultural city as well as a tourist city that is always interesting to visit. Like other Indonesian tourist destinations, this beautiful city offers its own uniqueness. The variety of uniqueness and fun attraction can you enjoy while on vacation in Jogja!

For example, you can do sandboarding sport in desert from Jogja. In southern part of Jogja you can find a unique wide spot called sand dunes. This sand dune is a volcanic material originating from Mount Merapi that flows into the sea through Opak River.

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This unique natural phenomenon gave to an interesting activity called sandboarding. This is an activity to explore the sand dunes using skateboard. Besides sandboarding sport, of course, taking picture becomes a popular activity.

Another thing that is only found in Jogja is to enjoy kipo, a snack typical Kotagede. Kipo is a small green snack made from glutinous rice containing enten-enten. The contents of the kipo is a combination of grated coconut and brown sugar. Before it serving, kipo will be baked first.

Formerly this food was a favorite snack of the nobles. The name kipo itself is taken from the Java language “iki opo” which means “what is this”. You can find this snack around Kotagede. Furthermore, you can do history tours in some of Yogyakarta’s leading destinations.

Imogiri’s grave is one of them. Imogiri tomb is a funeral site of King Mataram and his family. Besides being used as a place of pilgrimage, Imogiri’s tomb also transformed into an interesting sports location. It’s been a long time ago this area is used as a leisurely road with family.

If the weekend arrives, don’t be surprised if this place turned into a sea of ​​people who scramble to enjoy the fresh air of Jogja. Because Jogja is also known as the city of batik Indonesia, here you can enjoy batik tour. Noted, there are some batik centers in Jogja that you deserve to visit.

Some of them are Batik Wukirsari in Imogiri or Batik Wijirejo in Bantul. In both places, you can hunt a knowledge and dozens of beautiful new batik cloth. Not only batik cloth, in Krebet Tourism Village, you can find a variety of wooden batik crafts that super unique.

In addition Jogja also offers Ramayana Ballet show! There are two places to hold the show. First, you can watch the show in the area of ​​Prambanan. Or you can come to Purawisata.

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