Sundak Beach Yogyakarta, a Sunrise and an Amazing Natural Charm

Sundak Beach Yogyakarta, a Sunrise and an Amazing Natural Charm

One more beach that offers the beauty of the sea and natural charm, the name is Sundak Beach. Gunung Kidul has many tourist assets that may not be known to many people. About 70 kilometers from Yogyakarta, Sundak Beach has been waiting with a unique nature character.

As far as the eye can see, the large wavelengths still dominate of the coast that borders directly with the Indian Ocean. Not only about the charm of the sea, Sundak Beach has the potential to become an attractive culinary destination as Baron Beach.

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A number of food stalls near the beach serve you a typical sea food menu. Some dishes are presented with high flavor and appetizing. Sundak beach is not so vast, especially when compared with about 15 other beaches that stretched along the coast of Gunung Kidul.

But the charm of nature and its beauty, especially at sunrise, could amazed for anyone who witnessed it. On the right and left side of the beach, there is a large rock that bordered Sundak Beach with other beaches. On one side of this beach, you can see the cave that has fresh springs inside it.

Sundak Beach will be transformed into a natural tourism icon of Gunung Kidul whose popularity can be compared with Parangtritis Beach. Sundak Beach is built several restaurants and cafes, perhaps will bring more and more tourists to visit.

Not only the development of seafood culinary potential, but also the facilities and infrastructure of tourism, such as lodging. On Sundak Beach, so far has not built lodging or hotels, so the visitors are quite difficult to find a place to stay. Or, you build a camp here.

As well as trips to several other beaches in Gunung Kidul, the journey from Jogja to Sundak beach takes about 2 hours trip. Sundak Beach is located in Tepus. Along the road to this beach, you will feel the sensation of a challenging and quite thrilling journey. The winding streets are often encountered.

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