Sundak Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Sundak Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Sundak Beach is adjacent to Kukup beach, Krakal beach, Drini Beach, and Baron Beach. Earlier, this beach named Wedimbedah which means sand that split. Because during the rainy season, water from the mainland will flow to the shore and split the sand into a small river.

The name of the beach then changed around 1976 to Sundak beach because there is a story that really happened, it is inspired from a fight between two animals that is dog (asu) and porcupine (landak). The story begins when the dogs finds a porcupine in a cave not far from this beach. The dog win the fight. From then, the name of Wedimbedah replaced with Sundak.

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Sundak Beach presents a unique view and atmosphere such as coral cliffs on the east and west. The clean white sand spreads the beauty on this beachfront. Another feature of this beach is the presence of small corals that spread to about 30 m from the beach. The corals are not rough, but smooth and feel soft on the feet because the surface of the coral is covered in sea plants resembling grass.

Beside to enjoy the beauty of this beach, you can try visiting the food stalls nearby. Most of the stalls provide grilled fish food menu, rice rames and chicken noodles. You can try to visit a shop on the beach. Sundak Beach is located in Pule Gundes, Sidoharjo, Tepus, Gunung Kidul. The ticket price at Sundak Beach is $0.4 for each.

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