Telaga Biru, the Newest Attraction in Yogyakarta Rarely Visited

Telaga Biru, the Newest Attraction in Yogyakarta Rarely Visited

Gunung Kidul is always famous for natural attractions that are so beautiful and fascinating. Besides the famous Nglangeran Ancient Mountain, there are many beautiful white sandy beaches. Well, there is another natural charm, which is Telaga Biru.

This blue water is located in Ngentak, Candirejo, Semin, Gunung Kidul. At first, this place is a hill that contains limestone, the hill is mined by local residents and formed a lake or reservoir. The beauty is really fascinating. This place is still empty of tourists, so you can freely take pictures with blue scenery.

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In this tourist area, you not only see a lake, but there are several lakes with different colors that close to each other. That is one of the uniqueness of this Telaga Warna, a different colors in each excavation. But the majority is greenish because it is a former quarry of limestone.

The best time to visit Telaga Biru is in the morning or evening, because you can see the beauty of sunrise and sunset though. Here you can see the scenery of rice fields, mountains, and green rugs stretching as far you can see. However, you must be careful because there are still some large vehicles that still carry the limestone from the mining location not far from Telaga Biru Semin.

Currently Telaga Biru is not fully a limestone mining area, local people make it as one tourist attraction. There is no entrance ticket to visit this tourist area, just pay the parking area $0.2 for motorcycle, and 0.4 for car.

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