The Beauty of Mojo Gumelem Hill Yogyakarta

The Beauty of Mojo Gumelem Hill Yogyakarta

Here are some tourist attractions that began trend in 2017. Some are booming and viral in various social media. Some of the tourist attractions such as Mangunan Pine Forest, Panguk Kediwung Hill, and other natural attraction. And there is new attraction that start to be visited, which is Mojo Gumelem Hill.

This tourist spot is above the altitude, as well as other hill tours. The tourist attractions of Mojo Gumelem Hill started to be developed and managed well. The goal is just to spoil the tourists who come to visit this place, as well as to improve the economy of the surrounding population.

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Around 2016, Mojo Gumelem Hill was developed in with Panguk Kediwung Hill. At the time, Mojo Gumelem hill is still inferior compared to Panguk Kediwung Hill. However, lately the management began to be considered once. And now, those two hills have an artistic value.

This place is so interesting, it makes anyone so curious to visit. On this hill is built some spots, such as bird’s nest spot and the sunflower spot. For you photography lovers, this place is like a heaven for you. You may get the direct background of the green landscape.

To get to Mojo Gumelem Hill is quite easy, the location is not far from Mangunan Pine Forest. The location is precisely in Kediwung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. This tourist attractions has good road access, making it convenient for tourists who want to visit.

When you go to this place, just be careful on the road. Don’t forget to bring your camera, this place is a paradise for photography lovers. For you who want to get there, just take a ride with private vehicle. The public transport don’t pass here.

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