The Best Culinary in Yogyakarta with Typical Food

As you know, one of the most special city in Indonesia is Yogyakarta, and no doubt is the favorite destination for most tourists. But, any idea why Yogyakarta becomes favorite? Of course because many special things that Yogyakarta has. It’s contain many tourism object, cultural diversity, and surely culinary. But for now, I’ll try to tell you what the best culinary in Yogyakarta with typical food.

It’s a little bit hard to explain the typical food from Yogyakarta, because in every place has own their typical food. Yogyakarta as a region consist about five regency, and of course each regency has some special thing about their culinary. I’m not going to talk about what the best culinary place in here, and please don’t expect that.

The best culinary in Yogyakarta with typical food

There are more than hundred typical culinary in Yogyakarta. In this case, I won’t be able to mention it one by one. I just want to give a clue about Jogja culinary that you may have a chance to try it. So, let’s cut the chat, this is the famous culinary in Jogja that you may try some.

·        Gudeg

One of the most and the most popular culinary in Yogyakarta is Gudeg. In every corners of the street, there are a lot of food stall you may see. I don’t know anything Gudeg made from, that I know this food is delicious one. But sometimes, because it popularity, many Gudegs seller have their own taste, and it’s not the same.The Best Culinary in Yogyakarta with Typical Food

But if you have a willing to try the best Gudeg in Yogyakarta, I recommend you Gudeg Pawon or Gudeg Yu Djum. Those Gudeg have tasted by many food taster as the best choice. But you must have a patient if you want to try this Gudeg. You may stay in line for about one hour to buy this. Not because they slow to serve the customer, it’s more about the crowded who stay in line. Gudeg Pawon fo example, you may get your Gudeg after one hour ordered.

·        Sate Klathak

This food categorized as satay and still typical of Yogyakarta. What makes satay Klathak special is processed in a unique way. Goat meat cut into small pieces then punctured by bicycle bars, instead of using bamboo stems in general. The iron bars has function, so that when the meat burned can be ripe perfectly to the inside.The Best Culinary in Yogyakarta with Typical Food

The name was taken from sound that arises when the meat while burned. When the meat is on a fire, small ripples sounded “klathak, klathak”. Klathak satay just seasoned with pepper and salt. One of the best culinary in Yogyakarta with typical food like Sate Klathak is located in Bantul, one of regency in Yogyakarta, which is Sate Klathak Pak Pong. You can buy this food for affordable price, but you have to wait patiently to get your order.

·        Thiwul Ayu

If you don’t want to eat a hard food like two other, there is a traditional snack from Yogyakarta. Thiwul ayu is the one you may want to try. Was, Thiwul is the main food for Indonesian’s people before rice. Thiwul made from cassava that has carbohydrate inside. That’s why most Indonesian’s people use this as main food before rice.The Best Culinary in Yogyakarta with Typical Food

If you have a purpose to try this snack, one of the popular is Thiwul Ayu Mbok Sum. There is similar food from Thiwul which called Gatot. Those two snack have similarity in substance, which made from cassava. Anyway, in my opinion, Thiwul is still good rather than Gatot. So that Thiwul is the best culinary in Yogyakarta with typical food from Wonosari precisely.

·        Bakpia

I don’t want to say much about this typical food, because if you ever walk in Malioboro you may know this snack. In every store, is always there. That’s why Bakpia is familiar to everyone. There one term, if you didn’t buy Bakpia and take a picture in Tugu, then you never been in Yogyakarta.The Best Culinary in Yogyakarta with Typical Food

One of the famous is Bakpia Pathuk. It’s origin from Wonosari, in Pathuk village exactly. This place is quiet long from the city, but you will get wonderful experience if you come by to this place. Otherwise, if you don’t have any time to come by, you still can find Bakpia anywhere in Yogyakarta. No wonder if Bakpia is the best culinary in Yogyakarta with typical food from Pathuk.

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