The Charm of Teletubbies House in Yogyakarta

The Charm of Teletubbies House in Yogyakarta

Before the earthquake happened several years ago, there is cartoon TV series. The series was titled “Teletubbies”, telling about four cute dolls Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Po. They are very close and compact. In this series, they live in a semicircular house or circle dome.

However, in the real world, there is similar house like in Teletubbies series. One of them is in Jogja, there is one villages that the houses resembles in Telutubbies house. The shape of the house is half-circle or like a dome. So, the area is very well known as Teletubbies House.

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These houses were built after the great earthquake that rocked Jogja in 2006. This house was built for earthquake victims in the area. With the development of the time, the Teletubbies house now become one of the attractions as unique tours.

This Teletubbies complex is a new tourist attraction located near to Ijo Temple and Ratu Boko temple, which are in Prambanan area. If you want to visit here, just come before sunrise or before sunset, the scenery will more beautiful at the time.

This place is very beautiful, and very dear to miss. This attraction is located in Nglepen, Sumberharjo, Prambanan, Sleman. From downtown Jogja is about 21 km’s, or approximately about an hour. You are suggested to use a private vehicle, because no public vehicles passing there.

You can pay the entrance ticket as you wish, just donate some. However, the parking fees is $0.2 for motorcycle, and $0.4 for car. While there, you can use some facilities such as gazebo, viewing post, park, bench, and parking lot. All facilities are free to use.

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