The Delicacy Mexican Food in Papricano Yogyakarta

The Delicacy Mexican Food in Papricano Yogyakarta

Jogja is indeed a culinary center. Here all the culinary from local and international cuisine are also available here. One special is one restaurant that serving culinary from Mexico which ready to spoil the tongue. Papricano ready to pamper culinary lovers in Jogja.

From the exterior area, Papricano gives a distinctive look of the Mexican style that quite striking. The green and red colors of the Mexican flag can be seen clearly. Especially at the night. And the interior itself also uses a mural that makes the impression Mexico atmosphere increasingly thick.

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So with the culinary menu offered by Papricano. Some menu like Street Burrito with Chicken and also Horchata become one of favorite menu. This Burrito menu is a typical Mexican culinary menu. If you often watch movies, this menu always appears. The burritos served in Papricano are made from flour tortillas and wrapped in chicken and cheese. In addition there are peppers, red beans, and lettuce.

About of taste, this menu is quite delicious. Moreover, the texture of the chicken and tortillas in the burrito really has characteristics. The taste of savory, sour, and spicy, mixed together. The size for the burrito is quite large and certainly has made your stomach feel full.

After enjoying the burrito, you can enjoy a drink which is horchata with a sweet and gentle taste. There is a taste of cinnamon that gives a refreshing fragrance. Both menus are indeed quite a favorite in Papricano. But there are other menus that you can try if you want to explore Papricano.

The restaurant with a typical Latin American menu is currently booming. The taste and texture of the Mexican cuisine menu does not much vary with Indonesian tongue. No wonder if Papricano ready to provide an excitement in Jogja culinary. You can visit at Tirtodipuran Street, 46.

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