The Mystical Side of Parangkusumo Beach Yogyakarta

The Mystical Side of Parangkusumo Beach Yogyakarta

Besides Goa Cemara Beach, there are also beaches that have a mystical story, and until now still be trusted as a myth. The beach that has this myth is Parangkusumo Beach. Parangkusumo is a beach that located in ​​Bantul, still in line with Parangtritis Beach.

Unlike other beaches in Bantul, this beach is famous for its myth. This beach is about 30 km’s from downtown Yogyakarta. This beach has big waves, because location is adjacent to the Indian Ocean. But, why is Parangkusumo Beach known as Mystical Beach?

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Sacred and mystical atmosphere increasingly felt when you see a flower arrangements in Puri Cepuri, one of mystical site in this beach. The place where Panembahan Senopati (first king of Jogja) and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul (queen of South Sea) meet to make an agreement.

At that time Senopati sat on a boulder to the north, while Queen of South sat on the south rock. Senopati ask for help from Queen. But the Queen has fallen in love with Senopati. The queen accepted with one condition, Senopati and all his descendants must be the husband of Queen Kidul. Senopati also agreed with one condition, the marriage did not produce a child.

Because of that story, Parangkusumo myth is believed until now. This story inspired the general public. They believe that if you do something ascetic on this beach, all you desires will be realized. Therefore, at certain moments, many people came to pray for requests in various ways.

To get to Parangkusumo Beach, you can use any vehicles from Yogyakarta. You can walk from Parangtritis Station, because this beach is located not far from the station. The entrance ticket at Parangkusumo Beach includes Parangtritis Beach, because it one area. You just pay $0.3.

On at certain times, you can see the ritual of Labuhan Ceremony. If you tired to walk around, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage. You can enjoy the natural scenery, and the large waves. To rent horse-drawn carriage along with the coachman, you will be charged $1.5 for one trip.

Until now, many people who come to Parangkusumo Beach to make the pilgrimage. Pilgrims come to offer prayers, because they are believed to come true. Well for you who want to the sacred experience, a visit to Parangkusumo Beach is a great choice.

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